practicing making games . . .

Grave Treasure

May 2024 | play here

I was looking at old cartoonnetwork/disney/nickelodeon flash games to take inspiration from for new mini games and I saw a maze one! This was short and easy to do. I'm currently planning on making a longer game that I'll work on alongside monthly mini games (I don't think I can finish it within a month). It'll be inspirted by a courage the cowardly dog flash game called Creep TV.

Bakery Rush

April 2024 | play here

another mini game I tried to do quickly but took a while to finish because I was wishy washy about some of the art assets. I really like the sprites I made for the pastries though! I might try to do another pastry/baking themed game in the future just because food is fun to draw.

Star Hunter

April 2024 | play here

quick small game I made to take a break from a basic platformer I was making (which I'll try to finish this month)

Graveyard of Words

March 2024 | play here

took longer to make this than I predicted because I spent a lot of time on the art assets haa, for fun I decided to make clones of some games I used to play a lot on neopets. this one copies the eliv thade word game! in this game you'll be given a jumbled set of letters and try to guess what the original word is. I really liked the chipset I drew so I plan on reusing it for another (longer) game.

GLOOMY Pomegranate Catch

February 2024 | play here (pw is GLOOMY)

wanted to make a gloomy bear mini game where you collect some pomegranates! took longer than I thought I'd take because I spent a bit of time on the art assets and animations.

Forage Field

February 2024 | play here (pw is faerie)

a game I made following a tutorial on how to make a vampire survivors clone (you can follow along it here). I added a few more things (a couple more enemies, random BGM, timer, etc.). I'm trying to learn how to make games so I'll try to make even a little one at least once a month. For now I'll make 2d mini games but want to move onto 3d games too u-u

also I just realized I forgot to add an enemy death animation AND the player death animation _(:3\, maybe I'll go back and put them in... someday...